Umm Shaif Field

  • 150 kilometers from Abu Dhabi .
  • 36 kilometers from Das Island .
  • The first well was drilled in the field in 1958.
  • The oil and gas production is processed on Umm Shaif Supercomplex where crude oil is collected and transported to Das. Island through a pipeline network.
  • From Umm Shaif Field, the first shipment of crude oil was exported from Das Island Terminal to the world in 1962.

Zakum Field (Lower Zakum)

  • The first well was drilled in Zakum Field in 1963.
  • The field is larger in size than Umm Shaif .
  • 63 kilometers from Abu Dhabi .
  • 81 kilometers from Das Island .
  • Oil and gas production and water injection are carried out at Zakum West Supercomplex and Zakum Central Supercomplex.

Das Island

  • Das Island is the main industrial base .
  • Oil and gas produced from Umm Shaif and Zakum Fields are processed, stored and exported.
  • 160 kilometers from Abu Dhabi, the island provides high standard of living for its multi national male only community.


  •  Modern telecoms and pipeline networks link the Company's main worksites in Abu Dhabi, Umm Shaif field, Zakum field, Das, and Musaffah Supply Base.